Crampons are used to give safety to a climber who is climbing trough an icy or snowy surface. When using them, the climber can cross fro example, glassier, snow slopes or climb frozen waterfalls and icy rocks safely. Crampons are available in several different types which depend on their purposes and materials. Every climber has to choose the right crampons to be their equipment when climbing a mountain for them to be able to do it with the right amount of safety.

There are three common materials for crampons: steel, stainless-steel, and aluminum. For general mountaineering, steel crampons are the best choice. they have good durability essential for steep, ice, technical terrain. As for crampons from stainless-steel, not only they offer the same quality as the still ones, but also have good resistance to corrosion. Meanwhile, the aluminum crampons are ideal for ski mountaineering. They are light-weighted compared to the others, which make them better when used to walk on rocky terrain.

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